Inspired by the song Mehro, “Perfume” and a photograph from Bradley Zerna (@bradley_zerna on instagram)

The original “Perfume” painting has been sold at auction.
Starting bid was $1,850.

A limited number of prints will be available for those who missed out.

If interested in a print of “Perfume”, please follow the steps below:
1) select your print choice via the list below
2) send payment via the link below (or email for my BSB if ordering from Australia)
3) send a copy of your payment receipt to julie@artbyshiney.com
with your name, address and shipping/pick up preference.

Once payment is confirmed, the artist will work with you directly on shipping estimates and timeline for delivery/pickup.

Pricing below is for prints at the same dimensions as the original – 36×48″ (3×4′).

For smaller prints and pricing, please email your request to julie@artbyshiney.com.

Print on Textured WaterColour Paper: __________ $405*
Print on Canvas with Image Wrap: _____________ $605*
Canvas Print Mounted to MDF**________________ $475*
Canvas Print Mounted to Sintra*** ______________$490*

*Shipping not included.

**MDF mounting is a technique that creates a permanent fusion between the back of a print and a heavy duty MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) which is very rigid and stands up to the toughest environments.

***Sintra mounting is a technique that creates a permanent fusion between the back of a print and a high-quality acid-free PVC board, made from a lightweight material with a low gloss matte finish.

To avoid shipping costs, you may pick up your print from my studio at Ginkgo Arts in West Chester, PA. Please call 610-613-7168 before arrival, as hours of operation are limited.

My App Idea to Save Money, Reduce Emissions, Help Artists and Local Business
I would like everyone to avoid spending extra on shipping and gas/mileage on pickups, while still maintaining quality prints, so I’ve come up with an app idea – DeCent Prints (DeCentralisted Prints).

DeCent Prints is a spin-off of NFTs. Basically, I would sell a limited number of protected and tracked access to the digital image and each of you would be able to take it to your local print shop to have it printed in whatever size and on whatever material you prefer. Similar to “numbered prints”, each share of the digital file will have an assigned number, and you will be able to re-sell your digital share of the image as the market price goes up or down, depending how popular the image becomes.

If you’ve read this far and think this would be a great idea you’d like to support, please make a donation to my “GoFundMe” account instead of paying me on Venmo. I will gift you with a print, and your donation will help me raise enough funds for the beta testing of this idea so I can bring it to VCs for an even broader launch.

If you would like to be a part of the Beta Testing, as an artist, customer, or print shop, please register your email to this link and I will keep you posted as we are closer to launching.

If there are any VCs reading who would like to invest before the beta is released, the full amount I need to begin is $20,000 and I would love to discuss more with you on terms and details.

Thanks all!

x Shiney