Every Wall Tells a Story



Murals bring enchanting effects to spaces. They can transform rooms into sun-soaked beaches, garages into Indie 500 tracks, and solid brick walls into open doorways. 

Where to Begin

As all designs begin with ideas, a conversation between artist and client is where we start. To book the first complimentary meeting, call 0481 205 747 or email shineypaintings@gmail.com.


After our meeting, I will draft a few concept designs for you to review. You have the option to pay for this stage and receive full detailed color options ($395) or you may opt for 3 free hand sketch concepts that require a bit more imagination and trust on the client's side to fully visualize.  


Once we have landed on a design you approve, I will supply you with a quote. Prices vary based on size, complexity and cost of materials. Most will land somewhere between $1,700-$5,500.

In true Aussie style - I'm open to negotiations. I offer installment payments and discounts where needed.

Additional Options

Wall Decals

Don't have time for me to paint in your space? Or are you renting a space and requiring something removable? Lovely. Wall decals are what you'll want. Decals are designed by me and made into large removable 3M stickers.

Full paintings can be transferred onto large sheets that cover the entire wall as a mural would. Or, you may decide on several smaller images to stick in particular spots on your wall.

Interactive Walls

Ask about our painted whiteboards, chalkboards, and other creative ideas to enhance your walls into something a bit more productive.

Pop-out Walls

3D effects can make a mural come alive. We craft installations that extend your painting from flat to fun.