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Art Classes

Art Classes, $75/class (includes all materials and 'bring-a-friend' option)

To schedule a class, call or text 0481 205 747 with your preferred date/time. 

Payments can be made to paypal:

All materials included.

Learn how to take on a fearless attitude drawing/painting/sculpting what you love.

Come with a few of your favourite scenes/objects in mind and enjoy seeing your own unique style emerge.  


From My Students: 

Natalie came to me looking to grow her skills in sketching for her emerging jewelry design career. We spent several weeks developing the basic skills in shape, shading, colour and creativity. One of my favourite things about teaching Natalie is how much she taught me in return. It was a win-win, an honour, and a pleasure to watch her talent grow. I know who I'll be asking to design my first piece of jewelry when the time comes.
"I've been learning with Julie for the last four months. She has helped me explore my creativity in various ways through pencil sketching, colour pencil drawing and painting. Julie is a creative, patient and flexible instructor who always gives me positive and meaningful feedback. I'm really enjoying my lessons with Julie and I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for an art teacher."
- Natalie, 2020
Ten year old Anneliese wanted to paint Uluru - here's her first go at (she's a pro already):