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My App Idea for Artists

This is an app for every artist, buyer, and local print shop. 

I was looking for an easy way to share my digital image with people who wanted to buy a print of my artwork, so they can choose the vendor, size, material, and quality of the print they order.

I wanted to be able to sell a high res digital file of my artwork, so it can be printed by multiple purchasers, but would have a protective layer on the file that would give me control over how many times each owner could print it.

I want the purchasers to have the ability to re-sell their digital ownership to another party, and to alert me and pay me a royalty anytime it is re-sold.

NFT’s have a certain protection but they’re not made and sold for the purpose of printing physical copies. I want to sell more than one ownership of my “NFT” digital image, so in effect, splitting the NFT into multiple shares with rules on how many prints can be made and a tracking system to see how many times it is resold, and to maintain receiving a royalty anything it is resold. 

Think about Banksy’s paintings… after he paints them, they are taken and sold at auction. He receives no payment. The seller and re-sellers receive millions. If there was a way for Banksy to sell his art digitally, to the common buyer who sincerely wants to reimburse the original artist, not an auctioneer of NFT trader, Banksy could sell shares of his digital art, and track and receive royalties every time his fans purchase his art to print. 

The DeCentPrint App (DeCentralised Print) would be a platform connecting local print shops to buyers. At the moment, most people buy a print from a high quantity, low quality producer, because, it’s easier. 

DeCentPrints would make it easier to support local businesses instead. A map would show new print purchasers the local print shops in their area. Print shops registered to the app would be able to recognise … “Ok, you asking for a print but you are not the artist, I know you have rights to have this printed because I can see and scan your DeCentPrint pass, good for one print, I am happy to assist, what size and material would you like?”

The artist will not have to assist the print purchaser with the actual print – that will be left to the professionals. The artist will also be able to lower the overall cost for the purchaser, by minimising or eliminating the shipping fee, as purchaser can pick up from their local print shop, not an overseas or mass-production factory far away.

This app platform :

  • Eliminates shipping costs on prints (customers can pick up from the nearest print shop, not some mass producer in another country), 
  • Lowers excessive emissions (less shipping = less emissions), 
  • Strengthens local economy (people see and support the local artists and local print shops. Artist profiles and art print shops viewable on a map based on the customers’ current location).
  • Gives artists one less thing to worry about (recognised and trusted platform for secure, easy to sell, NFT blockchain of digital art. No need to facilitate print orders or buy stock of prints in hopes the customer wants that preselected and limited size/material).

I need $20,000 by the end of this year to get the app rolled out for Beta Testing before we bring it to VCs for a full launch. Any bit you can help with will be GREATLY appreciated. 

Anyone who donates over $500 receives a free print of any one of my art pieces.

Thank you very much for your consideration, 

Julie Miller, aka ‘Shiney’
DeCent Prints
(DeCentralised Prints)

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